Senator Melinda BushGRAYSLAKE — The Community Partners for Affordable Housing in Lake County was awarded nearly $500,000 to help area homeowners with repairs, State Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) announced Friday.

“A sudden need for a home repair can be stressful for anyone," said Bush. "It's even more stressful at a time when money is limited. Some people are already worried about feeding their families. They shouldn't have to worry about fixing the leaking roof over their head, too.”

The Illinois Housing Development Authority Board of Directors awarded the Lake County organization $482,000 to help low- and very low-income homeowners with necessary home repairs. The group awarded $11,000,000 statewide through the state’s Single Family Rehabilitation Program. The lump sum is projected to help at least 326 families. 

The Single Family Rehabilitation Program provides forgivable loans of up to $45,000 per household to assist with necessary repairs to remove documented health and safety hazards. Eligible repairs include roofing, flooring and plumbing, among others. 

A roof-only option is also available for people who do not need other repairs. Those recipients are offered up to $16,500 to mitigate against future roof damage. 

“The money awarded to Lake County will change the lives of some people who are stressed about paying for housing repairs, especially at a time where more people are finding themselves on fixed incomes,” Bush said.

Households can apply for grants by contacting Community Partners for Affordable Housing at (847) 263-7478. The group will walk families in need through the application process and explain eligibility. 

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Senator Melinda BushGRAYSLAKE – While the country deals with the coronavirus pandemic and urges all non-essential workers to remain home, staying home puts survivors of domestic and sexual violence in increased danger. State Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) applauded the Pritzker administration’s expansion of programs to support these survivors.

“The best protection we currently have against COVID-19 is to stay home, if we can, and practice social distancing,” Bush said. “But for survivors of domestic or sexual abuse, that’s not always safe.” 

The Illinois Department of Human Services recently launched a $1.2 million plan to support its statewide network of services for domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. IDHS is working with the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence to establish an emergency fund to support local providers with needs related to COVID-19. IDHS will also provide a grant advance to enhance the capacity of local rape crisis centers.

“The Stay at Home Order is meant to keep Illinoisans safe, but if you are experiencing or live in fear of domestic violence, please call the Illinois Domestic Violence Hotline for help,” Bush said. “Even during a global pandemic, we have a responsibility for the health, safety, and access to vital services for survivors.”

The new initiatives expand the role of the Domestic Violence Helpline by creating a one-stop access point. Survivors can call the Helpline at 1-877-TO END DV (1-877-863-6338 or 1-877-863-6339) and be connected to shelters through existing Domestic Violence Prevention and Intervention (DVPI) shelter services or through available hotels and motels. 

Survivors of sexual assault and abuse can identify their local rape crisis center at the Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault’s website:

More info about COVID-19 can be found at

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Senator Melinda BushGRAYSLAKE – Price gouging scams have run rampant across the State of Illinois and across the country taking advantage of the present situation. To combat these scams State Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) is urging Illinois residents to report any unfair pricing practices associated with the coronavirus pandemic to the Office of the Attorney General.  

“The coronavirus outbreak is frightening enough without the additional fear of being cheated out of a fair price,” Bush said. “I am confident in the attorney general’s ability to protect consumers and put a stop to these unfair practices.” 

Governor Pritzker earlier issued an executive order prohibiting price gouging and handed Attorney General Kwame Raoul the authority to enforce it. The Office of the Attorney General has so far directed businesses to maintain fair pricing, especially on items recommended by public health agencies to help prevent the spread of the virus. 

The Office of the Attorney General has also been monitoring products sold online through retail giants such as Amazon, eBay, and Facebook. 

“If you have been a victim of a price gouging scam or if you have seen anything suspicious, please file a complaint with the attorney general immediately,” Bush said. 

For questions or additional information concerning price gouging scams, please visit 

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GRAYSLAKE – State Senator Melinda Bush (D-Grayslake) released the following statement in response to the United States House resolution condemning the Chinese government’s handling of the novel coronavirus response:

“There is no doubt the Chinese government’s initial downplaying of the novel coronavirus exacerbated its spread. But this resolution puts Americans in danger. The virus doesn’t have a zip code or borders and pinning the blame on a specific country or geographical location only spreads animosity and hatred. The attacks on Asian Americans in recent weeks related to COVID-19 are unpatriotic and un-American. This is not who we are. 

“Even as feelings of fear and anxiety run high, we need to pull together as a country and show the world the best of who we are. I condemn all anti-Asian American hate crimes and I urge my colleagues and fellow Americans to stand with me in support of the Asian American community here in Illinois, around the county, and the world.” 

House Resolution 907 can be read on 

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